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December 2017
‘Undeniable Math’
Tax Reform To Repeal The Individual Mandate Tax
ANWR: ‘This Year Is Different’
A ‘Massive Victory’ For The American People
A Clear And Present Danger
‘Judicial Appointments Are The Sleeper Story That Matters’
Jim Ho ‘Has A Fidelity To The Rule Of Law That We Should All Want In A Federal Judge’
Tax Reform ‘On The Cusp Of A Historic Moment’
‘China Fears The Tax Changes Could Make The U.S. A More Attractive Place To Do Business’
Justice Willett A Man Of ‘Deep Intellect And Principle’
Manufacturers Bullish On Tax Reform
Steve Grasz A Man Of ‘Integrity, Humility, And Decency’
Ready To Finalize Tax Reform Legislation
Tax Reform: ‘Good For The Middle Class’
‘Historic Tax Relief’
November 2017
100+ Economists Laud Pro-Growth Tax Reform
‘Reducing Taxes For The Middle Class’
‘Tax Reform Our Economy Desperately Needs’
An ‘Excellent Tax Bill For Small Business’
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