Relief From Obamacare


Obamacare is a disaster. Insurance markets are collapsing. Premiums are soaring. Patients’ choices are dwindling. The law has failed to deliver on its promises, hurting far more than it is helping. And the situation is only getting worse by the day.
  • In over 1,000 counties spread across 26 states nationwide, families have access to only ONE insurer participating in the Obamacare marketplaces. 
  • Only one insurer is participating in 5 states’ Obamacare marketplaces (South Carolina, Alaska, Alabama, Wyoming and Oklahoma).
  • Patients are experiencing double-digit price increases for the cost of their insurance.
The answer isn’t to ignore the problem. It’s time to act. Working side-by-side with President Trump, Republicans will bring real relief to families who’ve been harmed by Obamacare. By repealing and replacing the failed law with common-sense reforms, we can finally provide the American people with access to the health care they want and need. This has been our promise, and we will keep working to fulfill it.
SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL: “For years, the American people have suffered under this failed law.  They watched their premiums soar.  They watched their choices dwindle. Now, they’re watching as Obamacare collapses all around them. More than half of our states have counties with only a single insurance option on the exchanges, and a growing number could have no options at all. That means thousands more Americans could be left trapped, forced by law to purchase Obamacare insurance but left without the means to do so.”


Obamacare Continues To Hurt Americans

“My family is being pushed out of the middle class by the Obamacare law” - Kentucky Mom

“I think it's awful” - Washington Woman

“We’re literally siphoning through our savings to be protected” - Florida Woman

“This is a nightmare … If you go look up the word ‘affordable,’ by any means this is not affordable.” - Pennsylvania Retiree 

“Obamacare for me has turned out to be a disaster” New York Businesswoman

The Consequences Of Obamacare: