November 2021
McConnell: Senate Should Use NDAA to Course-Correct Biden Administration’s Mistakes
With Families Hurting, Democrats Want to Try Inflating Their Way Out of Inflation
Build Back Beijing: Democrats’ Anti-Energy Bill Would Hurt Families and Help China
McConnell on Senator Leahy’s Announced Retirement
Overdue Defense Legislation Deserves a Robust, Bipartisan Senate Floor Process
Democrats Finally Admit Inflation is a Problem — But Still Want Even More Reckless Spending
Democrats’ Energy Dependence Agenda Helps Russia and China, Hurts Americans
Americans Under Siege From Violent Crime Reject the Radical Left
McConnell: Democrats’ Latest Attempt to Federalize Elections Will Fail
McConnell Honors Jean Rounds
Hours After Losing at the Polls, Democrats Again Try a Washington Takeover of Voting Laws
The Voters Have Spoken: Democrats Should Drop Their Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree
Senate Democrats Neglecting Critical Defense Legislation as Growing Threats Challenge America
Washington Democrats Want a Blank Check to Take Over American Childcare
Biden Administration Reportedly Planning to Pay Out Millions to Illegal Immigrants
October 2021
Murders Spiking, Border in Crisis, But Biden DOJ Targets Parents
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree Designed to Reduce Employment and Undermine Work
McConnell: Biden Administration Needs to Get Serious About Our National Security
Democrats’ Energy Agenda Puts Foreign Leaders’ Applause Ahead of American Families
Democrats’ Reckless Spending Spree Would Funnel Billions to Left-Wing Special Interests
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