April 2015
McConnell Promises ‘Vigorous Debate’ on Interim Iran Nuke Agreement
McConnell Announces Agreement To End Delay on Anti-Slavery Bill
CRS Debunks Senate Democrats’ Rationale for Filibustering Anti-Slavery Legislation
Busy Senate Agenda Includes Important Domestic, National Security Legislation
March 2015
Senate to Vote on Balanced Budget That Emphasizes Growth, Common Sense and the Middle Class
Senate Republican Budget Would Have a Positive Impact on the Economy, Incomes and Jobs
Senate Republican Budget Promotes Prosperous Energy Future, Strengthens National Defense
Senate to Debate Republican Budget that Balances without Raising Taxes
McConnell Unveils Bipartisan Bill to Combat Maternal Addiction and Infant Opioid Withdrawal
McConnell: Choose Support for Human Trafficking Victims Over Far-Left Lobbyists
McConnell Urges Senate to Come Together Over Emerging Trade Legislation
Budget Proposal Would Control Spending, Reduce the Deficit and Promote Economic Growth
Senate Democrats Will Get Another Chance to Help Victims of Modern-Day Slavery
McConnell: History Won’t Forget if Senate Democrats Filibuster Bill to Help Victims of Human Trafficking
Senate Bill Would Help Curb Heinous Crime of Human Trafficking
Senate Bill Would Aid Victims of Human Trafficking, Enhance Law Enforcement Tools
Senator Edward W. Brooke
Senate Will Consider Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking
Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Congress to Review, Vote on an Obama-Iran Agreement
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats to Override Partisan Keystone Veto
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