March 2015
Supreme Court Case Latest Example of Obamacare Failures
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats to Side with Middle Class, Not Extremists, on Keystone
Senate to Debate Bipartisan Bill Requiring Congressional Approval of Any Agreement with Iran
McConnell Welcomes Prime Minister Netanyahu to U.S. Capitol
McConnell Outlines Busy Senate Schedule
February 2015
Senate Will Vote Today on DHS Funding, Consider Executive Overreach Legislation
Collins Bill to Curb the President’s Executive Overreach ‘a Common-Sense Idea’
McConnell Condemns FCC’s Move to Put Internet Under Control of Federal Bureaucrats
Stopping the President's Executive Overreach, Funding DHS is 'Sensible Way Forward,' McConnell Says
McConnell Urges President to Stand with Middle Class, Not Political Extremists, and Support Keystone
McConnell Calls on Senate Democrats to Support Bill Restricting President’s Immigration Overreach
Senate Democrats Should End Their Weeks-Long Filibuster of DHS Funding Bill
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats to Stop Blocking DHS Funding Bill
McConnell to Support Ashton Carter’s Confirmation as Secretary of Defense
McConnell Urges the President to Sign Keystone Jobs Bill
McConnell Calls on Senate Democrats to Drop Their Filibuster of DHS Funding Bill
Thanks to Obamacare, Many Will Face New Tax Penalties This Year
McConnell Speaks Out Against Administration’s Labor Board ‘Ambush’ Rule
McConnell to Support Confirmation of Michael Botticelli as Drug Czar
Senate Will Try Again to Break Democrat Filibuster of Homeland Security Funding Bill
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