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March 2022
Judge Jackson Can’t Answer Rudimentary Questions About Her Judicial Philosophy
How Has Critical Race Theory Influenced Judge Jackson’s Views And Work?
Biden’s Abortion Litmus Test
Democrats Let The Dark Money Flow And Like Its Power
Judge Jackson Failed To Oppose The Far Left’s Radical Court Packing Schemes
FACT CHECK: Justice Barrett Wasn’t Asked To Take A Position On Court Packing
Democrats’ Disgraceful Track Record Of Delegitimizing The Supreme Court
Judge Jackson’s Rulings From The Bench And Sentencing Commission Experience Are Obviously Important To Explore
Democrats Have A Long, Shameful Record Of Attacking Minority And Female Judicial Nominees
Democrats Discard Their Previous Insistence On Obtaining All Of A Supreme Court Nominee’s Records
Democrats’ Gaslighting About Their Inflationary Spending Is So Bad It’s Insulting
Government Funding Agreement Provides Critical Boost To Defense Spending At A Dangerous Time
Biden’s Presidency: Nine Straight Months Of Inflation Exceeding 5% And The Most Expensive Gas Prices In U.S. History
Judge Jackson Must Meet Schumer’s Standard In Answering Questions About Demand Justice Backing Her Nomination
Crude Intentions: Biden White House Frantically Looks Abroad For Energy That Americans Can And Should Produce At Home
‘Build Back Better?’ Never Heard Of It!
Democrats Once Denounced Durbin’s SCOTUS Confirmation Timeline As ‘Illegitimate’ And ‘A Sham’
Biden’s State Of The Union Address Maligned For Its Myriad Manifest Failures
Only One Party Spent Nearly Two Years Calling For Defunding The Police
‘The President Made Stifling American Energy Independence A Day One Priority’
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