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August 2021
Dems Vote To Support Biden Energy Policies Making For ‘A Cruel Summer At The Gas Pump’
Regardless Of How They Vote, Dems Are Proposing To Hammer Family Farms And Small Businesses With A Double Death Tax
Democrats Admit ‘The Green New Deal Is In The DNA Of This’ Budget
Bowing To Pressure From The Far Left, Biden Issues New Moratorium He Admits Is Unlawful
What Does The Biden Administration Think Is Going Right?
July 2021
Democrats Pushing Partisan Amnesty As Border Surge Breaks Records
Anti-Gun Zealot David Chipman Is The Wrong Choice To Lead ATF
All 50 Senate Democrats Vote For A Nominee Who ‘Collaborated With Eco-Terrorists’
On Biden’s Watch, Americans Grow More Pessimistic
As Americans Struggle With Rising Costs, Democrats Determined To ‘Inflate Our Way Out Of Inflation’
Dems Take ‘Big Lies And Fake Outrage’ On The Road To Georgia
Inflation Fears Grow Just As Democrats Propose Another Gargantuan Spending Blowout
‘A Massive Vetting Failure’: Biden’s Nominee To Be Director Of The Bureau Of Land Management ‘Collaborated With Eco-Terrorists’
Dems Ignoring The Failures Of Their Partisan Spending Bill In Their Rush For Another
As Violent Crime Rises And Police Quit ‘In Droves,’ Ocasio-Cortez Dismisses Concerns As ‘Hysteria’
June 2021
Schumer Fails At Failing
‘A Tale Of Two Pipelines’
Any Way You Slice It, ‘It Still Retains S.1’s Rotten Core’
Democrats’ Partisan Election Takeover: ‘The Same Awful Guts Are All In There’
Dems Remain Divided On S.1, While Republicans Are Uniformly Opposed
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