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October 2021
Ordinary Americans Will Be Swept Up In Democrats’ IRS Dragnet, Just As They Designed It
Democrats’ Third Attempt At A Partisan Election Power Grab Is More Of The Same
Economists’ Inflation Fears Realized As American Families Will Be Paying More ‘Well Into Next Year’
As Americans Struggle With More Record Price Increases, The White House Dismisses Inflation As A ‘High Class’ Problem
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing And Spending Spree Would Cost American Jobs And Help China Build Back Better
Democrats Are Out Of Excuses On The Debt Limit
Dems’ Reckless Tax-And-Spending Spree Will Turbocharge Rising Inflation
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing-And-Spending Spree Would Jeopardize Medicare
Biden And Schumer Voted Against Debt Limit Increases During Unified GOP Government
September 2021
All 50 Senate Democrats Willing To Vote To Confirm An Eco-Terrorist
Democrats’ Tax Plan Targets The Middle Class
Democrats’ Tax-And-Spending Spree In Microcosm: An Electric Vehicle Subsidy Benefitting The Wealthy And Big Labor
Democrats Can And Will Raise The Debt Ceiling On Their Own
Democrats Stuff Their Reckless Taxing And Spending Spree With Big Union Giveaways
Dems’ Reckless Taxing-And-Spending Spree Will Double Down On Already-Accelerating Inflation
Democrats Prepare To Stick Middle Class Americans With A Massive Tax Bill For Their Socialist Spending Spree
Why Are Democrats Discarding The Bernie Standard?
Democrats’ Reckless Tax-And-Spending Spree Would Be ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ Socialism
Another Record Inflation Rise Exposes The Biden Administration’s Continued Delusion
Even Some Democrats Are Warning Against A New Backdoor Death Tax On Family Farms And Small Businesses
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