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March 2021
The Democrat Politician Protection Act’s Assault On America’s State-Run Elections
AOC Reveals What’s Inside The Democrats’ Infrastructure Trojan Horse
Schools Could Reopen Now, But Dems And Teachers’ Unions Still Resist
Fair Weather Filibusterers
Democrat Politician Protection Act: Dems Use The Law To Fund Their Campaigns And Intimidate Their Opponents
‘A Classic Example Of Big Government Democratic Overreach’
Democrats Yet Again Refuse To Rule Out Stimulus Checks For Illegal Immigrants
Democrats Support Totally Unrelated Pension Bailout In Their Spending Bill
Democrats Insist On Sending A Mountain Of Cash To States That Don’t Need It
Democrats Side With Teachers’ Unions In Refusal To Support Schools Reopening
Dems Once Again Approve Handing Money To States Under Investigation For Failing To Protect Nursing Home Residents
Democrats Refuse To Slim Down Their Bloated Partisan Spending Bill
Democrats Vote To Kill Jobs For Low-Wage Workers
For Democrats, It’s Spending Over Science When It Comes To Schools
February 2021
Dear President Biden, Here Are Some Things To Cut
Xavier Becerra Has ‘No Public Health Experience’ But Plenty Of Radical Views
Biden Administration’s Changing Message On Reopening Schools
Revelations Of Cuomo Cover-Up Shine New Spotlight On Senate Democrats
Let’s Go To The Vote-A-Rama Highlights
‘$1.9 Trillion Is A Lot Of Money’: Dems Ignore Economic Data In Rush To Spend Big
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