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May 2021
Democrats’ Massive Spending Bill Leading To Unfortunate Yet Obvious Economic Results
All Of The Worst Provisions Remain In Democrats’ Partisan Election Takeover
April 2021
Adulation For Sen. Tim Scott’s Inspirational Address
President Biden’s Bait-And-Switch Speech
‘Centrist Words, Liberal Actions’: Biden’s First 100 Days
Democrats Vote To Allow Colleges To Discriminate Against Asian-Americans
Dems Agree Biden Infrastructure Plan Is A Stalking Horse For Their Radical Green New Deal
Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans United Against Far-Left Justice Dept. Nominee
Democrats Breathe New Life Into The Ugly Cadaver Of Court Packing
Americans Reject Democrats’ Attempts To Redefine ‘Infrastructure’
Democrats’ Taxpayer-Financed State Slush Fund Helps NY & CA As They Dole Out Cash For Illegal Immigrants
To Redefine Infrastructure Spending, Democrats Choose ‘Violence To The English Language’
A ‘Trojan Horse’ Infrastructure Plan
March 2021
Harris Is Now In Charge Of The Border Mess, But Her Comments Helped Fuel The Crisis
The Democrat Politician Protection Act’s Assault On America’s State-Run Elections
AOC Reveals What’s Inside The Democrats’ Infrastructure Trojan Horse
Schools Could Reopen Now, But Dems And Teachers’ Unions Still Resist
Fair Weather Filibusterers
Democrat Politician Protection Act: Dems Use The Law To Fund Their Campaigns And Intimidate Their Opponents
‘A Classic Example Of Big Government Democratic Overreach’
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