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July 2021
‘A Massive Vetting Failure’: Biden’s Nominee To Be Director Of The Bureau Of Land Management ‘Collaborated With Eco-Terrorists’
Dems Ignoring The Failures Of Their Partisan Spending Bill In Their Rush For Another
As Violent Crime Rises And Police Quit ‘In Droves,’ Ocasio-Cortez Dismisses Concerns As ‘Hysteria’
June 2021
Schumer Fails At Failing
‘A Tale Of Two Pipelines’
Any Way You Slice It, ‘It Still Retains S.1’s Rotten Core’
Democrats’ Partisan Election Takeover: ‘The Same Awful Guts Are All In There’
Dems Remain Divided On S.1, While Republicans Are Uniformly Opposed
Senate Republicans Fight To Prevent Democrats’ Critical Race Theory Push From Gaining A Foothold In American Society
Democrats’ Economic Policies Hitting Americans In Their Wallets
Despite Record Illegal Crossings At The Southern Border, Harris Laughs At Actually Going To See The Crisis For Herself
Dems Prepare A Month Of Designed-To-Fail Senate Kabuki
May 2021
Biden’s Budget: Gargantuan Spending, Massive Tax Hikes, Yet Shortchanging Defense
Violent Crime Has Soared In American Cities As Democrats Began To Defund The Police
Employers Struggle To Compete For Workers Against Government Benefits
Markup Recap: Democrats Vote To Retain All The Most Egregious, Partisan Provisions Of Their Power Grab Over American Elections
Dems’ Slush Fund Helps Gavin Newsom Propose Paying Off Californians And Illegal Aliens With Money From Taxpayers In 49 Other States
Democrats’ Massive Spending Bill Leading To Unfortunate Yet Obvious Economic Results
All Of The Worst Provisions Remain In Democrats’ Partisan Election Takeover
April 2021
Adulation For Sen. Tim Scott’s Inspirational Address
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