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February 2021
Xavier Becerra Has ‘No Public Health Experience’ But Plenty Of Radical Views
Biden Administration’s Changing Message On Reopening Schools
Revelations Of Cuomo Cover-Up Shine New Spotlight On Senate Democrats
Let’s Go To The Vote-A-Rama Highlights
‘$1.9 Trillion Is A Lot Of Money’: Dems Ignore Economic Data In Rush To Spend Big
Democrats Won’t Rule Out Packing The Supreme Court
Democrats Vote In Favor Of A Tax Break For The Wealthy
99 Senators Agree That Any New Stimulus Checks Must Be Targeted
Only 8 Democrats Vote Against Sending Stimulus Checks to Illegal Immigrants
Democrats Side With Teachers’ Unions Against Students
Republican Amendment Ensures No Tax Hikes on Small Businesses During Pandemic
Dems Approve Handing Money To States Under Investigation For Failing To Protect Nursing Home Residents
Biden And The Teachers’ Unions Flunk Science Class
January 2021
Biden Says Compromise But Governs Left
Protecting The Legislative Filibuster Is A Bipartisan Priority
December 2020
To Support Our Troops, Counter China And Russia, And Strengthen Cybersecurity, The Senate Must Approve The NDAA
Final Bipartisan COVID Relief Bill Lines Up Closely With Senate GOP’s July Bill
For Months Leader McConnell Called On Both Parties ‘To Pass Everything That We Can Agree To.’ Democrats Finally Listened
What Took So Long? Democrats Putting Politics Above COVID Relief
McConnell Offered A Real Compromise, So When Will Pelosi And Schumer?
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