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December 2020
What Took So Long? Democrats Putting Politics Above COVID Relief
McConnell Offered A Real Compromise, So When Will Pelosi And Schumer?
The Senate Must Support Our Military By Passing The 60th Annual NDAA
Democrats’ Endless Objections, Deflections, And Rejections Have Delayed Further COVID Relief For Half A Year
It’s Time To Make Law Where There’s Broad Bipartisan Agreement On COVID Relief
Pelosi Admits She Wasted Months Playing Politics On COVID Relief
Pelosi’s House Decides To ‘Puff, Puff, Pass’ On Job-Saving PPP And COVID Relief
Will Democrats Finally Let Congress Pass COVID Aid They Don’t Even Oppose?
November 2020
Democrats Increasingly Abandon Pelosi’s COVID Relief Hardline
Democrats Blocking Important Federal Funding For Vaccine Distribution
Dems Triple Down On Liberal Wishlist Demands
Win Or Lose, Democrats’ Answer Is Always A Washington Election Takeover
Dems In Disarray: Congressional Democrats ‘Ripping Each Other To Shreds’ After Another Election Day Setback
Pelosi And Schumer STILL Won’t Compromise On COVID Relief
New Month, New Election, Same Intransigence From Speaker Pelosi
October 2020
Disregard Democrats’ Unserious Demands
Democrats’ Threats To Norms And Institutions Predate Judge Barrett’s Nomination
Judge Barrett’s Colleagues Laud Her ‘Impressive Intellect’ And Exemplary Character
New Polling Affirms A Majority Of Americans Support Confirming Judge Barrett
‘Senate Democrats Chose To Do Speaker Pelosi’s Political Dirty Work’
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