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September 2020
New Liberal Wishlist, Same As The Old Liberal Wishlist
Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Colleagues Know Her As ‘A Brilliant Lawyer, A Genuine And Good Person’
Senate Dems Flip-Flop On The Importance Of Meeting A Supreme Court Nominee
Senate Republicans Praise ‘Brilliant Scholar’ And ‘Model For Decency And Citizenship’ Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Judge Barrett’s Judiciary Committee Hearings Will Fall Squarely In Line With Precedent
Will Democrats Continue To Attack Judge Barrett’s Religion?
Judge Amy Coney Barrett: ‘An Exceptionally Impressive Jurist’
Democrats’ ‘Craven’ Hypocrisy
Autopilot Left-Wing Opposition Prepares To Fill In The Blanks Again
Nice Institutions You Have There, Shame If Something Were To Happen To Them
Schumer’s Shameless Hypocrisy
History Is Clear: Senate Control Has Overwhelmingly Determined The Fate Of Election-Year Supreme Court Nominations
Democrats Were Clear: ‘We Need Nine’
Get The Facts: What Leader McConnell Actually Said In 2016
Dems’ Partisan Approach To Election Security Undermines Our Bipartisan Progress
House Democrats Rebel Against Pelosi’s All-Or-Nothing COVID Relief Demands
House Democrats Revolt From Pelosi’s Failed Leadership On COVID Relief
House Democrats ‘Growing Increasingly Alarmed’ With Pelosi’s Strategy
Democrats Block COVID Relief Efforts Again
As Schools Reopen, Schumer Plans To Block $105 Billion In New Education Funding
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