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October 2020
Democrats’ Threats To Norms And Institutions Predate Judge Barrett’s Nomination
Judge Barrett’s Colleagues Laud Her ‘Impressive Intellect’ And Exemplary Character
New Polling Affirms A Majority Of Americans Support Confirming Judge Barrett
‘Senate Democrats Chose To Do Speaker Pelosi’s Political Dirty Work’
Don’t Take Senate Democrats Seriously Or Literally
Most Americans Support Confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Judge Barrett Is ‘A Woman Of Unassailable Integrity’ Who Will Be ‘A Role Model For Generations To Come’
Judge Amy Coney Barrett: ‘She Is A Staggering Academic Mind’
Democrats Distort History On The 1864 Vacancy
Blumenthal Says ‘Keep Your Word,’ Ignores What He Said In 2016
Blumenthal And Hirono Attempt To Bork Judge Barrett
FLASHBACK: Elena Kagan’s Career As A Political Operative
Democrats Distort And Distract On Health Care
Democrats Are Still Embracing ‘Dark Money’
Judge Barrett On Impartiality: ‘It’s Never Appropriate For A Judge To Impose That Judge’s Personal Convictions’
Judge Barrett Adheres To The Ginsburg Standard
‘We Are All Originalists’
Judiciary Committee’s Schedule For A Vote On Judge Barrett’s Nomination Keeps With Precedent
Sen. Durbin’s Selective Amnesia
Democrats’ Hysterical Health Care Claims ‘Collapse Under The Slightest Examination’
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