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October 2020
Minds Made Up: Senate Democrats Already Announced Their Opposition To Judge Barrett
ABA Rates Judge Barrett ‘Well-Qualified’ To Serve As Associate Justice Of Supreme Court
Professional Colleagues ‘Can Think Of No Better Person To Serve As An Associate Justice On The Supreme Court’ Than Judge Barrett
The Senate Judiciary Hearing Is In Accordance With The Office Of Attending Physician And Senate Rules
State Officials Urge The Senate To Confirm Judge Barrett
‘Very Common’: SCOTUS Nominees Supplementing Their Committee Questionnaires Is Completely Routine
‘They Fully Intend To Pack The Court’
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Is ‘A Woman Of Extraordinary Achievement’ With ‘A Strong Record Of Commitment To The Rule Of Law’
150 Hybrid Hearings Since May
Democrats Keep Making Judge Barrett’s Religion An Issue
Speaker Pelosi Decides Nothing Is Better Than Anything
Senate Democrats’ Disingenuous Objections To A Hybrid Hearing
Dems’ Recusal Demands Are ‘Another Totally Invented Standard’
‘Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has All The Qualities Of A First-Class Supreme Court Justice’
September 2020
New Liberal Wishlist, Same As The Old Liberal Wishlist
Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Colleagues Know Her As ‘A Brilliant Lawyer, A Genuine And Good Person’
Senate Dems Flip-Flop On The Importance Of Meeting A Supreme Court Nominee
Senate Republicans Praise ‘Brilliant Scholar’ And ‘Model For Decency And Citizenship’ Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Judge Barrett’s Judiciary Committee Hearings Will Fall Squarely In Line With Precedent
Will Democrats Continue To Attack Judge Barrett’s Religion?
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