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October 2017
The Courts: Restoring The Rule Of Law
‘No Religious Test Shall Ever Be Required’
15 CRAs: Draining The Regulatory Swamp
Ds Wasting More Of The Senate’s Time
Reversing A Regulation That ‘Would Hurt Consumers And The Economy’
Budget Passage ‘A Major Step Forward’ ‘To Overhaul The Tax Code’
The Death Tax Is ‘Just Plain Wrong’
Dems & Debt: ‘Just Put It On The National Credit Card’
‘Lower Taxes On Small Businesses’
What Changed, Democrats?
Medicare Reality: An 82% Increase Is Not A ‘Cut’
Turning The Page On President Obama’s Lost Decade
Economists: Tax Reform ‘Imperative’
American Manufacturers: Our Future ‘Depends On Enacting Bold Tax Reform’
Budget ‘Essential’ For Tax Reform
Sen. Schumer: ‘If We Don’t Do Something, There Will Be A Huge Rush To Invert’
‘A Historic Opportunity’ For Tax Reform
‘Cut The Red Tape’
Tax Policy Center: ‘Premature Guesses Based On Partisan Assumptions’
September 2017
Tax Reform: ‘Getting America Going Again And Growing Again’
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