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January 2020
13 Witnesses. Over 28,000 Pages Of Documents.
USMCA Will Benefit American Workers And Businesses
Do Democrats Sound Impartial?
Pelosi’s Delaying Games Generate Growing Democratic Backlash
‘It Is Time For The Speaker To Send The Articles Over’
December 2019
Senate Accomplishments In The 116th Congress So Far
‘That Entire Calendar Year That House Democrats Wasted Has Consequences’
The Clinton Precedent Calls For Two Separate Trial Resolutions
Schumer’s Impeachment Letter: Fact vs. Fiction
National Security Takes A Backseat To Democrats’ Partisan Political Priorities
Pelosi’s Priorities: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
November 2019
‘A New Milestone’ In Reshaping The Courts
Waiting For Pelosi
Supporting Human Rights And Democracy In Hong Kong
Democrats Prioritize Politics Over Security
One In Four
‘Medicare For None’ Proponents Propose ‘Huge Tax Increases’
Missed Opportunities
October 2019
Democrats Vow To Block Assistance For Ukraine And A Significant Pay Raise For U.S. Troops
Senate Dems Attempt To Undermine State Flexibility, Affordability & Choice In Health Care
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