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April 2019
‘They Don’t Get To Keep It’
‘A Dose Of Reality’
‘The Hottest Job Market In Half A Century’
‘The Internet Is Still Working’
Medicare-For-None: Outlawed Health Care Plans And ‘Tax Hikes On Middle-Class Families’
Meet Jeffrey Kessler
Dems Threatening To Vote Down Disaster Recovery Funding
March 2019
Democrats’ Green New Deal: ‘A Raw Deal For America’
Green New Deal: A Democratic Scheme To ‘Cause Immediate Harm To Millions’
‘An Opportunity To Go On Record’
Deal Dodgers Of The 21st Century
‘How Do You Pay For That?’
Dems Protect The Worst Of The Democrat Politician Protection Act
Obstruction For Obstruction’s Sake
McConnell Prescient On Democrat Politician Protection Act
Dem Leaders Desperately Dodge Green New Deal Vote
February 2019
The Green New Deal’s Mind-Boggling Costs
Executive Calendar In Crisis
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