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February 2017
Hard At Work ‘Repealing Obama EPA Water Rule’
Beshear ‘The “Poster Child” For Obamacare's Failures’
CO LAWYERS: ‘Judge Gorsuch Has A Well-Earned Reputation As An Excellent Jurist’
The ‘Most Ambitious Regulatory Rollback Since Reagan’
Judge Gorsuch ‘Honest, Principled And Committed To Safeguarding The Rule Of Law’
Obamacare: ‘It’s Getting Worse’
Scott Pruitt: ‘An Ideal Nominee For EPA Administrator’
Andy Puzder: A ‘Labor Secretary Who Actually Knows What It Is Like To Have Worked Behind A Counter’
The ‘Grand Tradition’ Of The Ginsburg Standard
Even The Legal Left Can’t Help But Praise Judge Gorsuch
There They Go Again…
Cabinet Confirmations The Slowest Since George Washington
Editorial Boards Laud Judge Gorsuch As ‘A Masterful Pick’
Senate Pushes Back Against Harmful Obama Administration-Era Regulations
‘Liberal Base Apoplectic … Demanding Opposition At Any Cost’
Even Liberals Admit Judge Gorsuch ‘A Brilliant, Terrific Guy’
January 2017
Judge Neil Gorsuch ‘An Excellent Judicial Craftsman’
Democrats, Do Your Job
Fighting Back Against The Democrats’ War On Coal Families
Sen. Merkley, ‘Our Citizens Expect More’
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