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May 2018
16 Obama Regulations Bite The Dust
VA MISSION Act: ‘Historic Veterans Legislation’
Gina Haspel: ‘The Right Person To Lead The CIA’
21 Circuit Court Judges Confirmed
A Pair Of ‘Exceedingly Qualified’ Judicial Nominees
Tax Reform Has Indiana Off To The Races
‘Good News For Middle-Class Workers and Families’
What Changed, Dems?
Michael Brennan: ‘Brilliant, Experienced,’ ‘Fair-Minded’
Bipartisan National Security Leaders Support Gina Haspel
‘More Momentum’ On Judges
April 2018
Democrat Obstruction Continues
15 Circuit Court Judges Confirmed
‘America Will Be Better Off If Mike Pompeo Is Confirmed’
‘What Could It Be Other Than Politics?’
Mike Pompeo, ‘A Highly Qualified Nominee’
'Are You Kidding Me?'
Dems Sink Coast Guard Bill
‘Chopping Away’ At Regulations
Tax [Reform] Day
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