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February 2019
Neomi Rao: ‘Uniquely Qualified For The D.C. Circuit’
January 2019
The ‘Democrat Politician Protection Act’
‘A Serious Threat To Our Nation’
Will Democrats Start Voting For Bills They Support Now?
Time To Negotiate On Border Security
A Wall Is Not The Problem, So What Is?
Democrats Resist Pelosi
A Vote To ‘Immediately Reopen The Government’
‘No One Can Say He Isn’t Qualified’
‘Unwavering Commitment To The Rule Of Law’
There’s No There There
William Barr’s ‘Impeccable Reputation’
‘Commitment To The Public Interest, Above All Else’
Sen. Schumer’s Short Memory
Strengthening America’s Allies In The Middle East
December 2018
Farm Bill Signing Means Stability For Farmers & New Opportunities With Hemp
November 2018
A Long List Of Accomplishments
October 2018
‘Historic And Bipartisan’ Opioids Law Will ‘Save Lives’
‘The American Economy Is Humming’
List Of Accomplishments Keeps Growing
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