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October 2018
Never Enough
Dems Embrace Avenatti Circus Allegations
Julie Swetnick’s ‘Credibility Issues’
‘It Will Not Take A “Tremendous Amount Of Time”’
September 2018
Julie Swetnick: ‘She’s Not Credible At All’
Dr. Ford’s Lawyer: ‘We’re Going To Object, Mr. Chairman’
Search And Destroy By Any Means Necessary
Professional Counsel De-Politicizes The Process
Biden On FBI: ‘They Do Not Reach Conclusions’
Vague, Uncorroborated Allegations
A Brief History Of Dems’ Calls For Delay
Confidentiality Denied
‘The Ends Justify The Means’
Democrats’ ‘Mysterious’ Money
Democrats Disproven…Again And Again And Again
‘Landmark Legislation’ To Combat The Opioid Crisis
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Baseball Fan?
Debunked Democrat Talking Points
‘Outright Threats’
The Democrats’ Political Theater
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