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September 2018
Calling The Shots
Do What We Say, Not What We Do
Democrats’ Kozinski Double Standard
Dem ‘Dark Money’ Double Talk
‘I Love The Federalist Society!’
‘A Neutral And Impartial Arbiter Who Favors No Litigant Or Policy’
‘Self-Described Flunky’
‘The Whole Truth’
Judge Kavanaugh Reiterates The Ginsburg Standard
Judge Kavanaugh: ‘A Superstar’
Harris Already A ‘NO’
Booker Already A ‘NO’
Hirono Already A ‘NO’
Blumenthal Already A ‘NO’
‘No Involvement In Development’ Of Bush Detainee Policy
Dems Admit They Have Seen Enough Of Judge Kavanaugh’s Record
Dems Following Orders From Left-Wing Groups
Minds Made Up
Bipartisan Acclaim For Judge Kavanaugh Is ‘Deep, Broad And Enthusiastic’
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