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June 2017
Unsustainable: Major Insurer Exits Obamacare In Ohio
Putting American Veterans First
Obamacare: States ‘Running Out Of Individual Health Plans’
Putting American Families First
May 2017
Obamacare: Kansas City Area Stranded
Obamacare: Skyrocketing Premiums
Obamacare: ‘Rural Shoppers Face Slim Choices, Steep Premiums’
Dems Slow-Walk Uncontroversial Nominees
Obamacare: ‘It’s Awful’
Tax Reform: ‘A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity’
Senators On Obamacare: ‘We Simply Can't Ignore Another Warning Sign’
Insurers Saying ‘Goodbye To Obamacare’
14 CRAs: A Victory For American Workers
‘Massive, Double-Digit Premium Increases’ In MD, CT, VA
Obamacare Is Collapsing
Obamacare Continues To Fall Apart
Largest Border Security Funding Increase In A Decade
Continuing The Fight Against The Opioid & Heroin Crisis
A ‘Win for the American People’
April 2017
Sen. McConnell: ‘Protecting These Miners And Their Families … Has Been A Top Priority Of Mine’
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