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October 2015
Pres. Obama Forgets His Defense Veto Threat
Shock: Dems Block Funding For Vets
EPA Ozone Rule: ‘Costliest Regulation In History’
September 2015
Tilting At Climate Windmills
‘No President Has Done Worse By The Middle Class In Modern Times’
Obamacare: A Goldmine For Thieves
Dems Praised Bipartisan Appropriations Bills For Funding ‘Vital Programs’
Every Person Is Endowed With The Right To Life
‘Frightening…Deplorable…Outrageous’ Situation
American Prisoners Languish In Iran
Iran: ‘Strong Support’?
‘When Sanctions Lift, Iranian Commander Will Benefit’
The Iranian Record: Post Agreement
Dems: Let’s ‘Cast Our Votes For Or Against This Deal’
Dems Sell Iran Deal To America
Iran: A ‘Malign Force’
Iran Deal: ‘Dangerous Farce’
‘Hope…Is Not A National Security Strategy’
August 2015
‘Common Cause’?
The War On Coal: Electricity Rates Will Necessarily Skyrocket
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