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February 2016
The Reid Standard
The Schumer Standard
‘A Great Day For American Consumers’
‘Prolific Senate’ Notches Another Win For Hard-Working Americans
‘A Major Setback’ For Pres. Obama’s Anti-Coal Regs
President Obama’s North Korea Policy ‘Has Failed’
President Obama’s Energy Tax
Dems: ‘Bipartisan Energy Bill’ ‘Critical’ To Their States, Nation
Obamacare Repeal Fight Continues
‘Against The Law’ – Bringing Gitmo Terrorists To U.S.
January 2016
Time to Modernize Our Nation’s Energy Policies
‘Audacious Executive Action’
‘Strengthens Our Defense’
Obama’s Regulatory ‘Nightmare’
A Legacy of ‘Falling Behind’
A Legacy of Global Instability
Obamacare’s Legacy of Failure
Buyer’s Remorse
December 2015
‘Strengthening The First Amendment’
Restoring The Senate
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