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June 2017
Obamacare’s Record: Running Out Of Options
Democrats’ Partisan ‘All-Out War’ To Keep The Health Care Status Quo
As Obamacare Insurance Death Spiral Intensifies, Senate Urged To Act
Obamacare’s Record: More Massive Rate Hikes Coming
Obamacare’s Record: 5 Years Of Skyrocketing Premiums
As Obamacare Fails, Left Demands Trillion Dollar Government Takeover
Better Care ‘Will Repeal The Individual Mandate’
Better Care: ‘Moves Us In Such A Better Direction’
Better Care
Obamacare Flashback: ‘I’m In The Dark’
FLASHBACK: Democrats’ ‘Secret’ Closed Door Obamacare Process
Does ‘All-Out War’ Sound Bipartisan?
Obamacare: ‘Big Insurance Rate Hikes Coming’ In 2018
Iran’s Ongoing Provocations
Unsustainable: Major Insurer Exits Obamacare In Ohio
Putting American Veterans First
Obamacare: States ‘Running Out Of Individual Health Plans’
Putting American Families First
May 2017
Obamacare: Kansas City Area Stranded
Obamacare: Skyrocketing Premiums
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