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May 2017
Continuing The Fight Against The Opioid & Heroin Crisis
A ‘Win for the American People’
April 2017
Sen. McConnell: ‘Protecting These Miners And Their Families … Has Been A Top Priority Of Mine’
Alexander Acosta ‘An Exceptional Choice’ For Labor Secretary
Repealing Regulations That ‘Kill Jobs, Raise Prices, Depress Wages, And Lower Opportunities’
A Thirty Years War On Judicial Appointments
Sen. Schumer Ignores The 99 Percent
Judge Gorsuch: ‘Everyone Who Comes To Court Deserves Respect’
March 2017
Faux Filibuster Foes
‘Very Difficult To Find Any Candidate For The Supreme Court … Any Better Than Neil Gorsuch’
‘Judge Gorsuch Clearly Understands The Tenets Of Indian Law’
Another Day, Another Dem Fact Check
Editorials: Dems ‘Should Stand Down’ On SCOTUS Filibuster Threat
Energy Independence Executive Order ‘A Pro-Growth And Pro-Environment Approach’
There Is No 60 Vote ‘Standard’
‘Mindless Obedience To … Opposition’
Tail Wagging The Donkey
The ABA ‘Gold Standard’
On Day 3, Judge Gorsuch ‘The Very Image Of A Thoughtful Jurist’
Judge Gorsuch’s Record Of Consensus Building
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