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September 2016
Iran ‘Getting Worse’
‘Number Of Guantanamo Recidivists Continues To Rise’
‘The World Is More Dangerous’
Obamacare ‘Clearly Failing’ The American People
Senate Republicans: ‘Obamacare Is Unraveling’
Obamacare ‘Crashing Down All Around Us’
Another Flight-Ful Of Francs
Will Dems Continue To Put Politics Over Fighting Zika?
Dems’ Troop Trifecta
August 2016
‘Grim’ Obamacare Forecast
Obamacare ‘Doomed’?
‘Completely False’?
Syria Five Years Later
Obamacare: Fewer Choices
Obamacare: ‘Get Ready To Pay More’
Gold Medal For Costly Regulations Goes To… President Obama!
Zika Spreads, White House Waits
Obamacare’s Co-Op Collapse Continues
July 2016
‘We’ve Clearly Put The Senate Back To Work’
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