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June 2015
Will Dems Filibuster ‘A Key Investment In Our National Security’?
The Democrat ‘Extortion’ Game
‘Democrats Block Cyber Bill’
Despite ‘Complex Array Of Crises Around The World’ Dem Leader Asserts NDAA ‘A Waste Of Time’
Cybersecurity: ‘It’s Impossible To Overstate This Threat’
Obamacare: Some Monsters Are Real
Democrats’ ‘Stand’ Against Troops
Obamacare Rated ‘A Failure’
‘Costs Exploding Under Obamacare’
America’s Troops Are Not ‘A Waste Of Time’
Obama’s Water War: ‘An Unprecedented Power Grab’
Obamacare’s State Exchanges: ‘Overpromised And Under Delivered’
May 2015
Obamacare: ‘Premium Increases Next Year May Shock You’
Small Businesses: ‘We Need To Pass TPA’
Businesses Nationwide: ‘We Must Pass TPA Now’
American Manufacturers Need TPA
American Agriculture Needs TPA
Trade: ‘Promise Of A Great Global Renaissance’ At Stake
25 Former Cabinet Secretaries: Enact TPA
Trade: ‘Its Strategic Value Is Awesome’
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