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August 2016
Obamacare: ‘Get Ready To Pay More’
Gold Medal For Costly Regulations Goes To… President Obama!
Zika Spreads, White House Waits
Obamacare’s Co-Op Collapse Continues
July 2016
‘We’ve Clearly Put The Senate Back To Work’
CARA: ‘The Most Sweeping Drug Legislation In Years’
On Zika, Dems’ Excuses Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny
End Violent Criminal Sanctuaries
‘CARA Is A Monumental Step Forward’
June 2016
Puerto Rico Bill ‘A Big Win For Limited Government Conservatives’
‘Zika Bill Is Blocked By Senate Democrats’
‘Senate Dems Block House Zika Funding’
Dems On Zika: ‘We Cannot Delay Any Longer’
Sen. Schumer: ‘Every Day We Wait … Is Increasing The Risk That We Will Have Problems With Zika’
ISIL Threat Isn’t 'Contained'
CIA Director: ‘ISIL Remains A Formidable Adversary’
President Obama: ‘They’re Not Coming Here’
‘We Must Adopt A Strategy Now’
‘Historically Large Health Insurance Premium Increases’
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