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February 2016
The Senate: ‘A Real Check, Not A Rubberstamp’
‘Last-Ditch Gitmo Plan Falls Flat’
‘There Are People In Gitmo Who Are So Dangerous That We Cannot Transfer Them’
The Biden Standard
The Reid Standard
The Schumer Standard
‘A Great Day For American Consumers’
‘Prolific Senate’ Notches Another Win For Hard-Working Americans
‘A Major Setback’ For Pres. Obama’s Anti-Coal Regs
President Obama’s North Korea Policy ‘Has Failed’
President Obama’s Energy Tax
Dems: ‘Bipartisan Energy Bill’ ‘Critical’ To Their States, Nation
Obamacare Repeal Fight Continues
‘Against The Law’ – Bringing Gitmo Terrorists To U.S.
January 2016
Time to Modernize Our Nation’s Energy Policies
‘Audacious Executive Action’
‘Strengthens Our Defense’
Obama’s Regulatory ‘Nightmare’
A Legacy of ‘Falling Behind’
A Legacy of Global Instability
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