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June 2016
‘Zika Bill Is Blocked By Senate Democrats’
‘Senate Dems Block House Zika Funding’
Dems On Zika: ‘We Cannot Delay Any Longer’
Sen. Schumer: ‘Every Day We Wait … Is Increasing The Risk That We Will Have Problems With Zika’
ISIL Threat Isn’t 'Contained'
CIA Director: ‘ISIL Remains A Formidable Adversary’
President Obama: ‘They’re Not Coming Here’
‘We Must Adopt A Strategy Now’
‘Historically Large Health Insurance Premium Increases’
‘Scrambling To Release As Many Prisoners As Possible’
Toxic Substances Control Act A ‘Major Chemical Safety Overhaul’
Gitmo: ‘Obama Administration Rushing To … Release As Many Prisoners As Possible’
Obamacare Consequences: ‘Insurance Rates Going Up’
‘Payrolls Weaken Dramatically’
‘The Elkhart Truth’
May 2016
Senate Back To Work
Obamacare: ‘The Facts Are Undeniable’
‘It Takes A Lot Of Gall’
Adam Walsh Act Reauthorization Will Help Keep Our Children Safe
Obamacare: ‘It’s Enough To Make You Sick!’
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