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September 2016
Obamacare’s Failures: ‘Too Obvious To Ignore’
‘Flipping Through The Newspapers’
Iran ‘Getting Worse’
‘Number Of Guantanamo Recidivists Continues To Rise’
‘The World Is More Dangerous’
Obamacare ‘Clearly Failing’ The American People
Senate Republicans: ‘Obamacare Is Unraveling’
Obamacare ‘Crashing Down All Around Us’
Another Flight-Ful Of Francs
Will Dems Continue To Put Politics Over Fighting Zika?
Dems’ Troop Trifecta
August 2016
‘Grim’ Obamacare Forecast
Obamacare ‘Doomed’?
‘Completely False’?
Syria Five Years Later
Obamacare: Fewer Choices
Obamacare: ‘Get Ready To Pay More’
Gold Medal For Costly Regulations Goes To… President Obama!
Zika Spreads, White House Waits
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