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May 2016
Senate Back To Work
Obamacare: ‘The Facts Are Undeniable’
‘It Takes A Lot Of Gall’
Adam Walsh Act Reauthorization Will Help Keep Our Children Safe
Obamacare: ‘It’s Enough To Make You Sick!’
Republicans On Obamacare’s Failures
Obama Reg ‘Demoting Millions Of Workers’
Obamacare’s Dwindling Choices
Obamacare: Premium Increases Aplenty
Energy & Water Bill ‘An Important First Step’
Under President Obama ‘The Middle Class Is Hollowing Out’
White House Advisor: Iran ‘Is Healthcare For Us’
‘Staggering’ Regulatory Burden, ‘Disappointing’ Job Creation
Obamacare’s ‘Stiff Medicine’
April 2016
The Obama Economy: Failure To Launch
Regulations Accelerate, Economy Slows
Do Your Job
Obamacare: Growing Problems, Shrinking Choices
Senate Energy Bill A Milestone
Senate Back To Work: FAA & Energy
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