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April 2016
Iran Deal Continues To Evolve
Bipartisan FAA Bill Will ‘Ramp Up Airport Security’
The Infinite Wisdom Of The Founders
A Bipartisan ‘Passenger-Friendly’ FAA Bill
Executive Actions ‘A Stark Contravention To Federal Law’ & ‘An Explicit Effort To Circumvent The Legislative Progress’ On Immigration
March 2016
Gitmo Detainees: How Many More Will Rejoin Terror Groups?
Obamacare: Six Years, Six Broken Promises
Give The People A Voice
Whistling Past The Obamacare Co-Op Graveyard
Senate Responds to 'Urgent Drug Crisis'
‘Doubled’: Former Gitmo Prisoners ‘Suspected Of Rejoining Militants’
Democrats ‘Dangerously Politicizing’ Opioids
Five Supreme Court Myths Democrats Know To Be False
February 2016
Combating Opioid Addiction
The Senate: ‘A Real Check, Not A Rubberstamp’
‘Last-Ditch Gitmo Plan Falls Flat’
‘There Are People In Gitmo Who Are So Dangerous That We Cannot Transfer Them’
The Biden Standard
The Reid Standard
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