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June 2015
Obamacare: Some Monsters Are Real
Democrats’ ‘Stand’ Against Troops
Obamacare Rated ‘A Failure’
‘Costs Exploding Under Obamacare’
America’s Troops Are Not ‘A Waste Of Time’
Obama’s Water War: ‘An Unprecedented Power Grab’
Obamacare’s State Exchanges: ‘Overpromised And Under Delivered’
May 2015
Obamacare: ‘Premium Increases Next Year May Shock You’
Small Businesses: ‘We Need To Pass TPA’
Businesses Nationwide: ‘We Must Pass TPA Now’
American Manufacturers Need TPA
American Agriculture Needs TPA
Trade: ‘Promise Of A Great Global Renaissance’ At Stake
25 Former Cabinet Secretaries: Enact TPA
Trade: ‘Its Strategic Value Is Awesome’
Budget ‘A Feat Of Considerable Importance’
The Obamacare Surge
April 2015
Obamacare Tax Shock: ‘Far Worse Than Predicted’
U.S. Exports To The Pacific: ‘Enormous Potential’
On Iran ‘We Need Robust Debate’
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