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March 2022
Biden Still Falsely Claiming His Taxing And Spending Plans Somehow ‘Will Lower Your Costs And Lower The Deficit’
President Biden Is Dangerously Out Of Touch With Americans’ Priorities
Economists Dismiss Dems’ Inflation Gimmicks As Both Political And Pointless
February 2022
Democrats Suddenly Desperate To Discuss The Inflation Their Policies Caused
Far-Left Dark Money Group Demand Justice Gets Their Supreme Court Nominee
Democrats Demand An Activist Supreme Court Nominee
Democrats’ Gas Tax Gimmick Can’t Hide Their Policies That Are Designed To Raise Energy Prices
Determined To Go Big, Democrats Ignored All Warnings About Inflation As They Hastened To Pass $2 Trillion In Stimulus Spending
Democrats Keep Kids Masked At The Behest Of Teachers’ Unions
Higher Inflation Erodes Americans’ Finances, As Economists Lay Blame On Excessive Dem Spending
As Far-Left Soft-On-Crime Policies Fuel A ‘Reign Of Criminals,’ Some Dems Still Cling To Defunding The Police
Economic Reality For Americans Is A Far Cry From Democrats’ Disconnected Rhetoric
Desperate Dems Want To Sell Their Failed, Inflationary Stimulus As An Accomplishment
Dark Money-Financed Radical Left Already Playing Prominent Role In Supreme Court Vacancy
January 2022
President Biden’s First Year Of Failure
Dems Smear More Lipstick On Their Partisan Election Takeover Pig
Democrats’ Rule-Breaking Power Grab Efforts Predate Today’s Big Lie By Years
Seven Straight Months Of Inflation Exceeding 5% Is A Biden Administration Policy Failure
Schumer Misrepresents Robert Byrd In His Crusade To Break The Senate
Nuclear Option Regrets, Democrats Have Had A Few
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