January 2019
OP-ED: Behold the Democrat Politician Protection Act
October 2018
OP-ED: I’m proud of our vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh
January 2018
OP-ED: After Historic Year Under President Trump and Republican Congress, the State of our Union is Strong
April 2017
OP-ED: Democrats reap what they have sown
OP-ED: Gorsuch’s confirmation worth the fight
February 2017
OP-ED: Give Neil Gorsuch an Up-Or-Down Vote
OP-ED: Democrats, ditch the apocalyptic rhetoric on Judge Gorsuch
January 2017
OP-ED: ObamaCare failed Americans. Now it's time for relief
October 2016
OP-ED: Face it, Obamacare has failed
September 2016
OP-ED: Time to Act on Bill That Provides Critical Funding
July 2016
OP-ED: Addressing a National Epidemic
May 2016
OP-ED: Back To Work For The American People
April 2016
OP-ED: Senate approves aviation bill to make flying safer, more passenger friendly
March 2016
OP-ED: 5 Broken Promises Americans Are Remembering On ObamaCare’s 6th Anniversary
OP-ED: Let the people have a voice
OP-ED: Senate Passes Bill to Address Nation’s Prescription Opioid and Heroin Crisis
February 2016
OP-ED: Democrats shouldn’t rob voters of chance to replace Scalia
OP-ED: Administration and Congress should work together to address the Zika virus
December 2015
OP-ED: Promise kept: Senate passes Obamacare repeal legislation
November 2015
OP-ED: Obama takes his reckless energy plan to the United Nations
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