Americans and Vulnerable Afghans Need Support, Not President Biden’s Artificial Timelines

LOUISVILLE, KY – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued the following statement on Afghanistan and the Biden Administration’s response.

“The latest reporting suggests Americans and vulnerable Afghans are still having trouble reaching the Kabul airport because of the Taliban. President Biden’s responsibility is simple: He should clearly and firmly state that the United States will stay for however long it takes and use whatever force is necessary to ensure we do not abandon our people or our friends.

“But today, again, the President failed to do this. He still pays more attention to arbitrary and artificial timetables than to reality. He continues to communicate to the world that, on his watch, the greatest superpower in world history will let terrorists and thugs push us around.

“The manner in which President Biden is cutting and running from Afghanistan is a colossal failure, even by the Administration’s own metrics. It is not freeing up attention or resources for the Pacific or anywhere else, but requiring a massive, continuing effort. It is not strengthening our alliances and partnerships, but setting fire to American credibility and enraging NATO allies. It is not sparing civilians from some ‘endless war,’ but abandoning vulnerable Afghans — including people who trusted the United States — into a new and intense humanitarian crisis. And it is fueling the global jihadist movement.

“Today, surreally, a White House spokesperson tried to boast about the haphazard, last-minute evacuations: “I would not say that is anything but a success.” It is impossible to imagine a more tone-deaf message from the Biden Administration than bragging about the size of the frantic emergency effort which their own terrible policy has foisted upon U.S. servicemembers and diplomats.”

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