Biden Democrats’ Latest Attack on American Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s latest radical anti-energy policy:

“By outsourcing his energy policy to the radical left, President Biden is outsourcing away America’s energy security and independence.

“Today, the EPA resurrected the devastating climate regulations that liberals have spent more than a decade trying to drop on folks in Kentucky, West Virginia, and the rest of coal country. By imposing unworkable deadlines and unproven technologies not commercially available, this latest version of Democrats’ so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ poses an existential threat to providers of affordable and reliable American energy. Complying with Washington bureaucrats’ latest wishes requires technology that producers cannot access, costs that they cannot swallow, and pain that lower-income ratepayers cannot stomach.

“This sequel to a failed Obama-era policy is also the revival of an illegal power grab the judiciary slapped down less than a year ago. The Supreme Court made it clear last April that Congress did not authorize this sort of draconian policy. Then, Democrats tried to give the Administration this sweeping authority as part of their reckless taxing and spending spree, but the provision violated Senate rules and never became law. So now the Biden Administration is trying to ram through the policy unilaterally. The far left is coming back for yet another bite at the apple.

“The Obama-Biden war on coal has come in many different forms, but the same basic disdain for Middle America keeps showing its face. Democrats’ obsession with Green New Deal social engineering would further compound the pain their historic inflation has already caused. Their agenda is a recipe for soaring energy prices, electricity blackouts, and less national security.

“Working Americans cannot afford this — and Kentuckians and West Virginians least of all.


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