ICYMI: Leader McConnell on Hugh Hewitt

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined the Hugh Hewitt radio show this morning. See below for highlights or click here to listen to the entire interview.

On Infrastructure Talks:

“Look, both sides would like to get an infrastructure bill. Here are the red lines on our side. We’re not going to reopen the 2017 tax bill. It was the major factor in bringing us the best economy in 50 years as of February, 2020, before the pandemic hit. And we want it to be paid for. And the gas tax produces a certain amount of money every year. That’s declined some because of fuel efficiency and electric cars. To the extent that we want to go above that, it needs to be credibly paid for.

“And our suggestion is we just flooded the country with an enormous amount of money. States and localities are literally awash in extra money. A lot of that is still in the pipeline. Why don’t we repurpose that, earmark it for infrastructure, which both localities would prefer to spend it on anyway? And that would be a good way to get a pretty robust infrastructure bill on a bipartisan basis without raising taxes.”

On IRS Leaks:

“It’s déjà vu all over again as Yogi Berra would say. Back when Obama was president, the IRS was harassing Tea Party groups. Now, they’re breaking the law. Look, either the IRS leaked this, or there was a hack. And my guess is the IRS, somebody at the IRS leaked this in order to affect the tax debate and remind people that there are some very wealthy Americans.

“Our tax returns are, by law, confidential because of just this kind of shenanigans. These people, whoever did this, ought to be hunted down and thrown into jail.”

On Preserving the Filibuster:

“That is the essence of the Senate, the legislative filibuster. It requires us to have a 60 vote majority to do things. That’s been the way the Senate’s been for quite a long time. President Trump wanted me to get rid of it, and I said politely no, we’re not going to do that. The institution of the Senate is too important for either side to take a short-term advantage by blowing it up.”

On Court-Packing:

“You mentioned Justice Breyer. I do want to give him a shout-out, though, because he joined what Justice Ginsburg said in 2019 that nine is the right number for the Supreme Court. And I admire him for that. I think even the liberal justices on the Supreme Court have made it clear that court packing is a terrible idea.”