ICYMI: McConnell on CBS Evening News

LOUISVILLE, KY – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined CBS Evening News last night. See below for highlights or click here to watch to the full interview:

On the Biden Administration’s Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“We shouldn't have made this decision in the first place. We only had 2,500 troops there light touch, no chaos, not a single American soldier killed in a year in combat. We've now left 10,000 to 15,000 American citizens behind enemy lines with no plan to get them to the airport to get out. And, ironically, we have more troops in Afghanistan now trying to rescue our people than we had before this unbelievably bad decision to precipitously withdraw.”


“Look, I argued to President Trump that this decision should not be made. I had a similar conversation with the previous president. President Biden didn't have to make this decision, based upon what a previous president had decided to do. He should have done the right thing for the country. This is entirely predictable.”


On Leaving ‘No American Behind’:

“The President should leave no American behind. I'll leave it up to him to figure out how to correct the mistake that he made. He took this enormous risk in order to pursue basically a poll-tested line that we've ended the longest war and we're bringing everybody home – a political decision that produced catastrophic consequences.”

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