ICYMI: McConnell on Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Mike Emanuel on Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ tonight. See below for highlights or click here to watch the interview.

On ‘the tale of two [infrastructure] press conferences':

“Well, I was initially optimistic but it can best be described as a tale of two press conferences. After the first one, the President walks out with a bipartisan group and blesses an infrastructure bill that many of my members are quite optimistic about. And then after all of those people depart the White House, the President goes out for the second press conference and says ‘unless you pass my tax bill, I won't sign the infrastructure bill.’

“So, what it does is put my members, including myself, who are optimistic about doing a bipartisan infrastructure bill, in the position of our Democratic friends having to guarantee that the 2017 tax bill is unwound. That's our one red line. We are not going to revisit the 2017 tax bill which is an enormous success to the country and led us to the best economy in 50 years as of February 2020. And so I think we have gone from optimism to pessimism as a result of the President's second press conference.”

On the Crisis at our Southern Border:

“We all know the remain in Mexico policy being undone by this administration created the crisis. At least the administration feels it's important enough to send the Vice President down there. But I think the proof will not be in the visit, but in the policy.”

On S.1’s Doomed Failure as a Messaging Bill:

“Well, I think so. And if the President wants to keep on talking about it, we would like to keep on talking about it, too. Because there is no voter suppression going on in any state in America. The bill they were trying to pass would have taxpayer dollars spent on political campaigns and would turn the Federal Election Commission from a judge into a prosecutor-- in other words make it unbalanced. And prevent photo I.D. at the polls, something supported by 80 percent of Americans. So, if the President wants to keep on talking about this bill, so do we.”