ICYMI: McConnell on Fox News Sunday and Face The Nation

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Shannon Bream on Fox’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ and Margaret Brennan on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’. See below for highlights or click here and here for the full interviews.

On President Biden’s supplemental request:

“We're going to take a good hard look at it and I and most of my members believe we need something credible on the border, as well. I mean, if we're going to challenge accepting financial responsibility to helping our allies, we certainly want to do something to help ourselves. And so we'll get this supplemental request a serious look and probably recommend some changes as well.”

“We have big power competition from China, and Russia and we still have terrorism problems, as the Israelis have certainly experienced in a brutal way in the last week. So I think that requires a worldwide approach rather than trying to take parts of it out. It's all connected. The Chinese and the Russians said they're now friends forever. Iranian drones are being used in Ukraine and against the Israelis.”

On freezing funds to Iran:

“[W]e'd like to make it law so that [the freeze] can’t be undone. I think we need to get tougher with Iran and I do think the weakness in both the Obama and the Biden administration is the thought that somehow, we can do business with Iran on something and I think it's pretty clear we can’t. I mean, they're funding Hezbollah and Hamas, creating problems, all over the Middle East. We shouldn't be doing any business with them.”

“I think number one, quit talking to the Iranians about any kind of nuclear deal. Number two, don't give them the $6 billion. Number three, back-up the Israelis in every conceivable way after this attack by Iran sponsored Hamas.”

On aid to Ukraine:

“[O]ne of the best things about this from the U.S. point of view is when we give older equipment to the Ukrainians, for example, we are rebuilding our industrial base in this country. There are jobs being created by the help that we’re providing Ukraine, in 38 different states. And [we’re] rebuilding our industrial complex for the more serious big power threat in Asia. So the notion that our assistance to Ukraine is not helpful to us is simply not factual.” 

“[N]o Americans are getting killed in Ukraine. We're rebuilding our industrial base. The Ukrainians are destroying the army of one of our biggest rivals. I have a hard time finding anything wrong with that. I think it's wonderful that they're defending themselves. And also the notion that the Europeans are not doing enough, they've done almost $90 billion. They’re housing a bunch of refugees who’ve escaped. I think that our NATO allies in Europe have done quite a lot.”


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