ICYMI: McConnell on Special Report

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Bret Baier tonight on Fox News’ ‘Special Report’. Click here to watch the full interview or see below for highlights:

On COVID Funding and Title 42:

“We had agreed to a $10 billion package paid for, by that I mean using, re-purposed funds from the $2 trillion package the Democrats jammed through on a party line basis last year, so it wasn't new money. Reprogrammed existing money.

“But, in the meantime, as I’m sure Fox [News] has covered extensively, there was the decision about Title 42 and wreaking further havoc at the border with the argument that somehow COVID was behind us. Making that same argument at the same time. So all we said was we want to offer an amendment.”

On President Biden’s Reckless Open Border Policies:

“Even before this ridiculous Title 42 decision — making the border situation even more disastrous than it already is — one of the things the previous administration did well is it got control of the border. President [Biden] promised to come in and change everything. He did. We have open borders now, almost.”

On Judge Jackson’s Confirmation Process:

“Ideology is the point. She was treated very respectfully. We looked at her record. And she had two serious flaws from my perspective. Number one, she wouldn't join Justice Ginsburg and Justice Breyer in denouncing court packing, which is simply an attack on the institution of the Court she is now going to be joining. Bad decision.

“Number two, she had a clear and demonstrable record of sentencing, particularly in child pornography cases, for example, below the guidelines. So, the judge is a judicial activist and I don't think the president will be disappointed. But her record and her philosophy is entirely relevant to the Senate’s decision as to whether or not to advise and consent.”

On Helping the Ukrainians Win:

“[The Biden Administration has done] too little too late in most instances. I think the President has been a little too cautious. He has generally gotten to the right place. We need to give the Ukrainians everything they want. As my colleague Ben Sasse says, give them anything that will shoot. They have demonstrated they have the willingness to fight, the ability to fight. And our goal ought to be to win… [I] can tell you a bipartisan group of members of Congress want the Ukrainians to win. They believe they can win and we want to help them win.

“No question these are war crimes. Of course, Putin is not going to be deterred by being called a war criminal. He will be deterred on the battlefield. And so, what we need to do is give them every single useful weapon they ask for, and need, to beat the Russians.”