ICYMI: McConnell on Special Report

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Bret Baier this evening on Fox News’ ‘Special Report with Bret Baier’. Click here to watch the full interview or see below for highlights:

On Confronting Authoritarian Aggression:

“The single biggest thing we can do to press back against President Xi and other authoritarian regimes in the region is to beat the Russians in Ukraine. Both the Taiwanese and the Japanese prime minister and the Japanese defense minister have said the best protection for Taiwan is to beat the Russians in Ukraine. President Xi is watching how this unfolds. He has watched all the democratic world work together to help the Ukrainians beat the Russians. We’re doing the right thing and I think the president’s visit to Asia is probably well timed.”

On the Republican Senators’ Trip to Ukraine:

“The purpose of my trip, since it was all Republican group who went, was to reassure the Europeans, the Ukrainians, and others that we were completely together on this policy of helping the Ukrainians beat the Russians and that we were going to send them a package that gives them the kind of military equipment they need to recapture their country. President Zelensky's definition of victory is to get the Russians out of Ukraine.”

On Sweden and Finland Joining NATO:

“One of the many things that's gone poorly for Putin is whatever Russian sympathizers there were in Ukraine are all gone. They have seen how the Russians behave. They have seen the atrocities. It’s unified the Ukrainians. President Zelensky's incredible leadership, you've heard he has been called Winston Churchill in a T-shirt, has not only inspired the Ukrainians but all the rest of us as well and led to the expansion of NATO…

“The significance of that cannot be lost on anyone. Finland has 830-mile border with Russia. Sweden has never been in a military alliance in 200 years. Putin changed public opinion in both Finland and Sweden. They are value added to NATO which, as the president pointed out, is a defensive alliance.”

On the Baby Formula Shortage:

“Almost total incompetence [from the Biden Administration]. They misjudged this from the beginning. It’s not a matter of money. The FDA has a $6 billion budget. They could certainly take care of the so-called appropriation in the House that they just passed at 28 million. [It’s] bureaucratic incompetence. The administration was behind the curve. FDA needs to step up their game and hopefully we'll solve this problem very quickly.”