ICYMI: McConnell on ‘The Faulkner Focus’

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Harris Faulkner on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Faulkner Focus’ this morning. See below for highlights or click here to watch the full interview.

On the Democrats’ Tax and Spending Spree:

“With regard to this deal they announced yesterday, it is a wild spending, taxing spree completely inappropriate for the country, which is already suffering from dramatic inflation right in line with what it was 40 years ago based on what they've already done on a single party line vote earlier this year. This is wildly inappropriate for the country. Totally out of bounds for what ought to be done and that's why it will generate zero Republican support and hopefully there will be a few brave Democrats who understand that running the country into the ground, both with taxing and debts, is not a good idea.”


“It is an introduction of socialism into America done on a one party basis in a Congress that is virtually tied. Senate is 50-50, the House has a couple of seat Democratic majority. They didn't get a mandate to do this stuff. They aren't going to have any Republicans help them do this stuff. This is a left wing dream of Bernie Sanders fulfilled, they hope, on a very narrow vote with no room to spare, jam this down the throats of the American people.”


On the Texas Democrats’ Joy Ride to Washington:

“It doesn't sound like much of a sacrifice to me. They’ve been on a joy ride on private planes with plenty of beer on board and getting paid presumably even though they're not showing up for work. It sounds more like a joy ride than a sacrifice to me.”

On Paying People To Not Work:

“We are paying people more to stay home than to go back to work. 25 states have said to the federal government keep the extra $300 a week. It is inhibiting our ability to get people back to work. My governor in Kentucky is keeping the $300. The governor of Indiana across the river is getting rid of it. People are showing up for work in Indiana, they’re staying home in Kentucky.

“We know that paying people more to stay home will keep people at home. We need to get back to work, get the country back to normal, and by the way, that’s based on already what the Democrats did earlier this year without any Republican votes and now they want to do even more of this sort of thing.”