ICYMI: McConnell on The Guy Benson Show

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Guy Benson this afternoon on Fox News Radio’s ‘The Guy Benson Show’. See below for highlights or click here to listen to the full interview:

On the Democrats’ Reckless Tax and Spending Spree:

“What’s happening here, Guy, is the Speaker is marching the House Democratic conference, or at least those that put them in the majority in swing states, right off the cliff. Marching them right off the cliff. Pursuing this ideological transformation of America into Bernie Sanders’ vision of what the country ought to be. We already had a reaction from the public about how they feel about what these guys have been doing. We saw it in Virginia and even more importantly in New Jersey where not even competitive races had enormous Republican support. It was a protest vote against inflation and what the Democrats have been doing, already, all year.”

On Rampant Inflation:

“Manchin and Sinema have both said what the House does is irrelevant, which makes what the Speaker is doing to her own members even more outrageous. She is literally walking them off a cliff to support a bill that will never become law. And even if this reckless tax and spending spree ultimately in some form or another, clears the Senate, even liberal economists, who actually prefer from a policy point of view what the Democrats are trying to accomplish here, are admitting that it will exacerbate the inflation problem, both this year and next year.

“Inflation is the number one issue. 90% of Americans are deeply concerned about inflation. That’s the biggest issue. This measure is totally unresponsive to what the American people are concerned about as they go to fill up their cars, or go to the grocery store to try to prepare for Thanksgiving. The worst inflation in 30 years is on their mind, not more reckless taxing and spending.”

On the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill:

“What it did was separate something that’s popular -- 75% of Americans want to see the infrastructure addressed -- from something that’s unpopular, which is what they were left with after that. Secondly, my vote was contingent upon there not being any revisitation of the 2017 tax bill in the infrastructure bill, and there wasn’t. Not a single tax reduction item in the comprehensive tax bill of 2017 was altered in the infrastructure bill. And it was largely paid for, you could argue it wasn’t fully paid for, but it was overwhelmingly popular. [It] didn’t raise taxes and it separated out from the rest of the bill the popular part, leaving them only to deal with what I would call the ‘spinach’, the ‘sugar’ having already cleared.”

On Giving Thanks This Year:

“Well it’s probably not different from any other family. We gather around the table and we obviously count our blessings, not only the health of our family is front and center, but the blessing of being in the greatest country ever. The efforts that many particularly woke people on the hard left to run down this country make me angry. I’m sure if they’re this unhappy about America, there’d be other countries that would be happy to take them, but I’m among those who find myself among the luckiest people in the world to be in the United States of America.”


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