ICYMI: McConnell on ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Martha MacCallum this afternoon on Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum. Click here to watch the full interview or see below for highlights:

On the Russia-Ukraine War: 

“I think the Ukrainians are inspiring us all and particularly their dynamic and outstanding president Zelensky. He’s so brave. It’s literally rallying the rest of the world behind him. Who would have ever thought you'd see demonstrations in the streets of Russian cities? Who would have ever thought you'd see the unity that we have in NATO now that we have not had before? The Germans completely reversing their relatively passive membership in NATO in the past. A willingness to send weapons directly to Ukraine. Willing to increase their defense budget. Two non-NATO countries saying maybe we need to get in, Finland and Sweden. Vladimir Putin has done a lot to unify NATO. Ukrainians have done a lot to inspire the rest of the world. We need to give them everything they need as rapidly as possible.”

On the Defense Supplemental:

“What the administration is trying to do is to take the defense supplemental out of the defense budget. It needs to be on top of the defense budget. We need to pass it and pass it quickly.”

On Biden’s First Year in Office:

“Biden is in this kind of shape because he deserves to be in this kind of shape. Raging inflation, uncontrolled border. In my view, [it’s] too late to deter Putin. If we had taken some of these steps earlier, this might not have happened.

“The president is in a tough position because he deserves to be in a tough position. Having said that, we are where we are with regard to Ukraine. We need to step up and every conceivable way and help these people defend themselves against the Russian aggression.”

On the Need for Energy Independence:

“We were energy independent in 2019 under the previous administration. This administration is shutting down domestic production. Apparently, continuing to shut down domestic production and importing back in to our country from overseas. This is outrageous. We have enough energy to be energy independent and to export oil and natural gas to Europe.

“… [Oil and gasoline prices] are going up anyway because of this conflict and because of the domestic restraint that this administration continues to put on domestic production. We need to take those restraints off, let us produce as we know how to produce. Become energy independent as we were two years ago and have plenty to export to our Ukrainian friends and to our Europeans.”


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