Leader McConnell on ‘Kudlow’

WASHINGTON, D.C. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business’ ‘Kudlow’ this afternoon. See below for highlights or click here to watch the full interview.

On the Democrats’ Economic Mismanagement:

“Well, 22 states [have opted out] of the extra [unemployment insurance] bonus from the federal government. It is actually impeding our ability to get people back to work. I heard you talking about that.

“A couple of weeks ago I spent the whole week at home talking to businesspeople. Two big problems-- number one, can't get people back to work. Number two, this is really interesting-- Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury and President Obama's head of the Council of Economic Advisors predicted big inflation problems as a result of this rescue package that the Democrats jammed through on a party-line vote producing both people not wanting to work and raging inflation.”


On the Biden Administration’s Plans to Raise Taxes:

“There won't be a single Republican vote for that. And by the way, it is not just the wealthy.

“This is going to hit people of all income levels. People who worked for a lifetime in order to pass on what they have earned to the next generation. This will slow the economy down to a crawl. And I think our chances of stopping it to get back to your question are pretty good. They would have to get every single Democrat to buy off on this. In the Senate they would have no margin for error. They have to get all 50 Democrats. 50 Republicans, 50 Democrats. And the Vice President in the chair to hit America with a whopping tax increase.

“They may be able to pull it off but I think it is going to be really hard and we're going to fight them the whole way if that is what they have in mind.”


On Israel’s Right to Self Defense:

“I think at least half the Democrats are hostile to Israel. The rest of them are afraid of those who are hostile to Israel. You see that reflected in the pressure the President has put on the Israelis for a premature cease-fire which I gather has just been announced. It is important to remember, Israel is up against a terrorist organization. Hamas does not represent Palestinians. It’s a terrorist organization lobbing shells on to civilians in Israel. Israel on the other hand, will call up people in a building they're going to hit and say ‘please get out of the building, we don't want to kill you but we're going to take out the building.’ There is no moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel.”