McConnell Applauds House’s Landmark H.R. 1

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued this statement following House passage of H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act:

“President Biden and Washington Democrats have raised energy costs and hurt our energy security at every turn. I applaud our Republican colleagues in the House for passing their landmark H.R. 1, a bold and comprehensive step toward securing our energy future and helping working families.

“The legislation would end the regulatory nightmare that the Biden Administration has created for our domestic energy producers. It would clear the way for new infrastructure through real, serious permitting reform, as opposed to Senate Democrats’ phony ‘permitting reform’ in name only. It would ease financial burdens on our citizens, strengthen our international standing, and help rebuild American supply chains for critical minerals after Democrats’ anti-mining policies have left us at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party.

“Leader Schumer has already tried to declare that this commonsense bill is ‘dead on arrival’ in the Democratic Senate. Let’s see if his members agree. It says everything about the far left that when they call the shots, lower gas prices are ‘dead on arrival.’ Cheaper utility bills are ‘dead on arrival.’ Greater energy security is ‘dead on arrival.’ Securing critical supply chains is ‘dead on arrival.’ This knee-jerk liberalism is exactly why more than 70% of Americans say our country is on the wrong track on Democrats’ watch.

“I noticed Leader Schumer calls H.R. 1 a giveaway for ‘Big Oil.’ The last time he called something a bailout for ‘Big Oil,’ it was Republicans’ effort to refill our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve during the initial COVID crisis when oil prices had plummeted to historic lows. Refilling the S.P.R. in early 2020 would have been an historic win-win for taxpayers and our energy security. But Leader Schumer blocked it and bragged about blocking it. Now, of course, Democrats have drained the Reserve to historic lows in attempts to boost their own poll numbers, and President Biden wants to refill it at a much higher cost. This is how badly Democrats misunderstand and mismanage American energy.

“I applaud our House Republican friends for keeping their promises, standing with the American people, and passing this bill. Democrats must not block commonsense progress because they’re afraid of the radical left. The full Senate must be allowed to consider these crucial issues on the floor.”