McConnell on Major Victories for Second Amendment Rights, School Safety, and Mental Health

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued the following statement this evening regarding the Second Amendment:

“Today, in the span of less than 24 hours, our nation won two landmark victories that will make our country both freer and safer.

“First, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that is the most significant reaffirmation of Second Amendment rights in over a decade. New York’s unconstitutional restrictions on concealed carry were struck down and law-abiding Americans’ basic right to self-defense outside the home was strengthened.

“This is not just a long-sought triumph for lawful gun owners across America. It is a victory for all citizens and our constitutional order itself. Every American deserves a federal judiciary that understands and respects that the Constitution simply means what it says. These kinds of courageous, correct, constitutional decisions are precisely why Senate Republicans spent four years confirming brilliant federal judges who understand that the judiciary’s job is to follow the law.

“Second, just hours later, the Senate passed major bipartisan legislation addressing school safety and mental health.

“Bipartisan talks had started up after horrifying mass murder incidents in the past, but collapsed when Senate Democrats insisted on attacking the Second Amendment. This time was different because Democrats finally moved our way and accepted the reality that Americans do not have to choose between their constitutional rights and safer communities. They can have both.

“The legislation that Senator Cornyn and our colleagues assembled protects the Second Amendment. There are no new bans, mandates, or waiting periods for law-abiding citizens of any age. What the bill does contain are commonsense solutions that are overwhelmingly popular with lawful gun owners, such as adding juvenile criminal records and mental health issues into the background check system. It also provides significant new funding for mental health in schools.

“I am proud of these two complementary victories that will make our country freer and safer at the same time. Law-abiding Americans will go to bed tonight with significantly stronger Second Amendment rights than they had this morning, while new commonsense guardrails around convicted criminals and mental illness are now on their way to becoming law."


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