McConnell on ‘The Daily Briefing’ with Dana Perino

On the Targeted COVID-19 Relief Agreement:

“I said back in July, what the country needed was a package roughly of a trillion dollars focused on kids in school, small businesses, health care providers, and direct cash payments. We tried to pass -- we started advocating that in July and August and the talks were unproductive. So I essentially put that bill on the floor of the Senate in both September and October. Not a single Democrat supported it. Their view was give us everything we want or we would not give you anything, so it is noteworthy that at the end that they finally gave us what we could have agreed to back in July.

“I think what held it up was they did not want was to do anything before the presidential election, they felt that that would disadvantage the President, but look, we finally got it done, in exactly the same amount with the same configuration that we would have been able to do back in the summer, but for all of the intervening election shenanigans on the side of the Speaker and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer.”


On the Vaccine Rollout:

“I think it’s important for the leaders in the country to step up, take the vaccine, and help reassure the American public, because polls indicate about half the public is either skeptical about taking the vaccine or does not want to take it at all. That has to change, because we can't solve this problem until large numbers of Americans are vaccinated.

“As a polio victim myself, I fully understand the significance of vaccines. It took decades to develop the polio vaccine. This vaccine was developed in under a year, a modern medical miracle, and we need to take the vaccine.”