McConnell Statement on Terrorist War Against Israel

LOUISVILLE, KYU.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released the following statement regarding today’s terrorist war against Israel:

“Today’s terrorist violence against Israel is a reminder of the evil that motivates Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their patrons in Tehran.

“The United States and the civilized world must stand in solidarity as a fellow democracy defends its sovereignty and its citizens and must unequivocally condemn these vicious attacks against civilian populations. Terror on Israeli soil is only the sharpest edge of a concerted terrorist effort that threatens the United States, our partners in the Middle East, and free societies across the world.

“The terrorists responsible for this ongoing war against Israel were trained and equipped by Iran, the same terror state providing lethal drones to Russia to attack Ukraine.  There must be consequences for those who conduct or support such terror. 

”Failure to support friends under attack – in Kyiv or Tel Aviv – will only embolden the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and fellow authoritarians who watch closely for a weakening of American leadership and Western solidarity.”